New Zealand Cassis and Anthocyanin Bioavailability

The health-giving anthocyanin antioxidants in New Zealand Cassis are highly bioavailable.

Bioavailability is the amount of nutrient in a food that is absorbed from the food into the body’s circulation. No matter how nutritious a food might be, if its bioavailability is low then the benefits the body is able to get from it are also low. On the other hand, if a food has high bioavailability, then the body can enjoy the benefits.

The bioactive anthocyanin nutrients contained in New Zealand Cassis are readily taken up from the Cassis when it is eaten and end up in the body’s circulation within one to two hours. The health benefits of New Zealand Cassis are characterized by immediate and sustained effectiveness.  For example, one study confirmed that blood flow improved within 15 minutes of eating New Zealand Cassis, and the effect continued for eight hours.

The high bioavailability of the anthocyanins in New Zealand Cassis makes it the perfect superfood.