The importance of Vitamin C in maintaining our immune defense systems

Vitamin C has been identified as an important factor in maintaining our body’s immune defense systems including preventing the entry of bacteria and viruses into our body, and ensuring the correct functioning of cells in our circulation that seek out and kill bacteria and viruses that have gained access into our body.  Vitamin C deficiency results in decreased immunity and increased susceptibility to bacterial and viral infections, while  supplementation with Vitamin C at a daily intake of 100-200mg has been shown to prevent and treat bacterial and viral infections of the body including in the lungs.  A great review of the role of Vitamin C in the maintenance of our immune defense systems can be read here.


Our bodies cannot manufacture Vitamin C and the only way we obtain this essential nutrient is from our diet.  Fortunately many fruits contain Vitamin C, but of all the commonly consumed fruits New Zealand blackcurrants have the highest levels of Vitamin C, with more than 4-times the level of Vitamin C than in oranges, and 16-times the levels in blueberries.


So to support your immune system so your body can defend against viral and bacterial attack be sure you are including a serving of blackcurrants in your daily diet.

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